STEAM in Schools

We’re proud to deliver our Education Programme in schools in the Wigan Borough and beyond. Our programme includes digital, scientific and creative projects. Events can be run for a single day or be held over an entire term as part of a larger scheme. We are able to deliver Arts Award accreditation in our projects from Discover to Gold Level.

Our work is underpinned by a passion to support children and young people to develop ‘The 7 C’s’. They are  confidence, curiosity, collaboration, communication, creativity, commitment and craftsmanship. These qualities are critical to equip them with the skills and resilience to innovate and develop in their future lives and careers.

An important part of our work is signposting children and young people to future careers and study in the STEM sectors, with pathways and opportunities highlighted throughout the sessions. Our schools sessions are designed to be delivered across the curriculum and can be tailored for pupils with SEN and behavioural issues. Prior to confirming your booking one of the Education Team will visit you at school to assess the  delivery area and tailor the session to participants specific needs. We’ve included a brief description about each workshop here but for more detailed information and costings get in touch with the team using the contact form at the bottom of the page. Happy Inventing and Making!

Wild Ideas

This workshop empowers and encourages children to think creatively and to learn to present their BIG ideas to their peers. The session encourages collaboration and critical thinking.

Adventures with Inventors!

This fantastic session gives children an opportunity to solve a problem creatively using science, technology, engineering and maths. The problem might be something they’ve already identified in their own lives or it might be something the school or class want to tackle on a larger scale.

Junkyard Hackers

We go back to a time before tablets and mobile phones were in every home, to challenge children to create a vehicle, a habitat, transportation or entertainment device using motors, LED’s, smart materials, Little Bits systems and lots and lots of JUNK!


This programme includes modules on Digital Safety, Safe Social Media, Digital Citizenship and Critical Thinking. The sessions empower children to protect themselves online, identify fake news and malevolent people, and become positive digital role models.

Circuit Makers!

These electronics workshops include learning about circuits to make interactive artworks and sculptures. Options include smart fabrics, wearable tech and paper circuits.

Amazing Animators

These sessions are designed for children to unleash their imaginations to create 2d and 3d animations. The sessions can be delivered as part of a theme week or as a standalone activity.

Green Screen Wizards

Children are invited to use our green screen and animation technology to create worlds and environments of their own creation. This workshop is a brilliant introduction to critically assessing the difference between what appears on a screen and real life.


Our textile workshops are practical sessions that involve using natural and synthetic dyes and materials to create a multitude of artworks, including Batik fabrics, wall hangings and interactive e- textiles.


The ceramic sessions include historically accurate workshops to create Roman and Greek artefacts. Sessions can include the Greek Gods, Roman Lamps and Egyptian Shabtis. All pieces are made in school, fired and glazed in our kiln, and returned to school as completed items.


Our mosaic work can be found in schools all around the North West. Individual pieces can be made in a greek and Roman style or larger collaborative works can be produced as a class or year group.  Recent works include a commemorative mosaic at Shevington Vale, a Remembrance Plaque at Shevington Library and a Poppies mosaic at Sunshine House.